Ed Jones

Going against the tide, refusing to bend on the politics of race

Ed Jones

For all of the talk about race in American politics, Ed Jones has walked the walk. And at times, he has walked alone, courageously clinging to his convictions rather than conforming to conventional-meaning liberal-views about where a black man is supposed to stand. For years, Ed has served as a distinctive voice for black Americans who believe that the content of their characters truly is supposed to matter more than the color of their skin. To Ed, that belief is more than lip service; it is the basis of his conservatism.

Standing against the twin tides of white liberal guilt and black liberal conformism, Ed has refused to let members of any race or political persuasion tell him how to "behave" on the issues of the day. He has risen above the slurs of those who question his "authenticity" as a black politician, and he has endured the disdain of those who challenge his right to be a Republican. MORE

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